We’re looking for leaders – and those who are interested in learning and growing. Our pledge is to provide you the support, training and rewards that create a winning team of high performers.



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Awards Contests

We believe in creating friendly competition and recognizing and rewarding top performers.

Drive for Success Scorecard – Creating friendly competition among the Restaurant Management Teams is an important part of the GPS culture. Our Drive for Success Scorecard helps to define the standards and assigns point values to metrics such as speed of service, staffing, sales performance and cost controls. The restaurant management team in each Region that achieves the highest score is rewarded each period.

Having fun and rewarding top performance are fundamental to the GPS culture.

Quarterly Bonus – GPS Hospitality paid out more than $5,500,000 in bonus dollars to our operations team during 2020. Our top quarterly bonus amounts earned last year:

Position Top Second Third
District Leader $24,046.82 $20,450.68 $18,444.32
Restaurant General Manager $19,280.51 $16,260.11 $14,516,67
Restaurant Assistant Manager $4,840.29 $4,820.13 $4,525.167

Annual Awards – Every year we recognize those who achieved top sales and operational results, as well as those who demonstrate strong leadership traits. Our Top Right Assistant Manager, General Manager and District Leader of the Year in each Division are selected based their excellent performances in both financial and leadership achievements.

Annual awards for Top Managers in each division.

Manager of the year
Assistant Manager of The Year
$1,000 cash bonus
Manager of The Year
An additional week of vacation and trip valued at $5,000
District Leader
District Leader of The Year
An extra week of vacation and trip valued at $10,000


Burger King
Pizza Hut

Future Brands: Stay Tuned!


  • “When GPS acquired my restaurant, I felt rejuvenated. Most of my colleagues were hesitant with having a new owner, but I felt excited and ready for the challenge. When Tom (CEO and Founder of GPS Hospitality) sat down and told me his story, he then listened to mine. He was genuinely interested in my goals and I left appreciated and supported more than ever before.”

    avatarKim Metty, General Manager (Maryland)
  • “GPS has the best support system in the Atlanta office. I never hear no, I can’t or I’m too busy. They provide advanced back-of-house and front-of-house systems that help us run our restaurants. I have said on more than one occasion, ‘How did we ever do this before?’ And most importantly, GPS invests in people with training and development programs and helping them advance.”

    avatarAngie Poe, District Leader (Michigan)
  • “The aggressive growth of the company, and the commitment to challenge and grow the leaders throughout the organization, is truly what makes GPS a special place to work. In just a few years, I have seen several people achieve promotions and partnerships, and I have also enjoyed in some of those successes by becoming a Director of Operations. I am confident that this trend of creating opportunities and growing our people will continue as we strive towards our goal of being a billion dollar company!“

    avatarBobby Garner, Director of Operations (Alabama/Florida)
  • “I’ve spent my entire career with Burger King – and I’ve been through several acquisitions over the years. With GPS, I’ve found a company that really lives its values (Goals, People and Service). When we started setting goals, I finally felt comfortable enough to share my goal of becoming a District Leader. And now I’m proud to say I’ve achieved that goal!”

    avatarElizabeth Boggs, District Leader (Florida)
  • “My previous employer told me that I was too young and would never be a good manager. In the five years since I joined GPS as a Shift Leader, within six months I was promoted to Assistant Manager, two years later I became a General Manager, was certified as a Training Manager and am now a District Leader. The only limitations we have are ourselves, GPS showed me that and that they truly care for their employees and helping them reach their goals.”

    avatarDonovan Barr, District Leader (Georgia)
  • “GPS has played a big role in not only my career, but also my life. Working for a company who is goal focused has enabled me to look at goals differently and incorporate them into my everyday life. Since I have been employed with GPS, I bought a house and have been promoted twice. GPS trained me not only to become successful in my career but also in life. Anyone who shares the same values as the company, works hard, and has a desire to succeed will definitely grow at GPS!“

    avatarHakeem Jackson, District Leader (Louisiana)
  • “What I love about working for GPS is the drive, the dedication, and the devotion this company has for the people it serves — the customers, the staff, and the community. My favorite part of any day comes from the smiles I see on the faces of our Team Members and Leaders as they learn and accomplish their business and personal goals!“

    avatarJessica Sommerfeldt, Director of Operations (Georgia NE)
  • “I like working for GPS because of the people and the way I feel supported. I know that I’m never on my own and it’s easy to find help if I need it. I really appreciate how GPS looks out for its people at all levels, especially during challenging times like 2020. Anyone who wants to learn and grow is given the opportunity at GPS —I’ve experienced it and seen my peers move up, as well.“

    avatarCameron Lane, Top Right Training Manager (Georgia)

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